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Choose Omygraphic to create your website, and you will have the assurance of having a unique, efficient, secure and accessible website. Whether for the creation of a blog or a showcase website, my experience as a web designer accompanies you for a makeover or for an entire design.

How does it works?


No need to present this powerful tool. In 2020, WordPress represents more than 30% of all websites in the world. Unlike its competitors like Wix or Square, you will never again be dependent on the tools provided by these services, offering you endless possibilities in the future.

SiteGround hosting

Having a good accommodation package can be compared to a good foundation for your home. SiteGround is an international reference for WordPress hosting. For a faster, safer site that allows you to receive a lot of traffic, this is THE benchmark.

Divi thème

Today, Divi theme builder has become one of the top three WordPress website building tools. Adapted to web designers, it allows to make unique and creative websites. Easy to access, you can very easily master the basics to modify your content as you wish.


Maintenance package

Having a site is good, maintaining it is even better! Keeping a site up to date is essential for its security and performance. From its launch to the end of the maintenance package, rest assured that nothing will happen to your site.

For this, I offer you a daily backup package, the update of your entire site as well as a weekly security and performance scan. You will receive a monthly report to be sure !

Basic services
Unique design

A website that looks like your business and meets your objectives remains the core of my expertise.


Expand your audience by translating your content into any language.


Whether on tablets or cellphones, your site will adapt perfectly to all formats.


To avoid losing audience, gain speed for a better user experience.


Thanks to my experience in security, I considerably reduce the risks of hacking your site.


By connecting your site to Google Analytics, you will be able to know and analyze your audience.

Web migration

Transfer your existing website to my services without even realizing it.


Give yourself every chance of appearing on the first page of Google searches.

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Omygraphic represents Bastien Campergue, French graphic designer and web designer based in Quebec since 2014.

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