What is a graphic designer ?

By definition, a graphic designer is a communication professional whose goal is to deliver visual communication solutions. Using the appropriate tools, the graphic designer will work on the meaning of the messages, study the reception and approval of the messages as well as the information they layout.

Why invest a budget in graphics ?

Working with a graphic designer is the assurance of creating or keeping the consistency of your visual identity. In the long run, a company with a stable and consistent image will naturally create credibility and impact its target audience much more easily.

The graphic designer can also provide you with creative solutions from his experience to improve the reception of your message.

What are the creation times ?

There are no specific deadlines in creation. I strive to work quickly and efficiently to deliver your equipment to you within the deadlines we have set together. It will also depend on how quickly you provide me with your files. Creation times can range from a day to several months of development for larger projects.

Deadlines are always decided at the start of our collaboration. It is possible to prioritize your project to meet your deadlines for an additional charge in the final quote.

What to do if you are not yet sure of your needs ?

Take your time ! Too often I have had clients with ideas still under construction. Indeed, during your creation process, your ideas may evolve or even change.

To be competitive, it is essential to work with clients who already have a preconceived idea of their needs.

I don't live in Montreal, can we still work together?

With great pleasure ! In 2020, a graphic designer is a professional who stays connected and who masters communication tools. We can therefore work remotely and meet each other via conf-calls or by telephone.

What if I don't like the visual?

At all times, the creation process helps prevent this kind of situation. The essential point of the success of our collaboration remains communication. If we take the time to fully understand each other, this should not happen.

If possibly my work does not suit you before the end of the contract, we can stop our collaboration and adjust the final invoicing according to the work already done.

If my work was not suitable at the end of the contract, no refund will be possible and you will have to respect your commitments by paying the remaining balance of the initial estimate validated at the time of signing the contract.

How is it going in terms of payments?

Two payment steps have been implemented in the creation process:

The first payment of 30% upon validation of the final quote.
The second payment of 70% at the end of the project, at the time of launch.

Payments can be made.

By check made payable to Omygraphic
Or by bank transfer

    What is the difference between SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG ...?

    SVG: The .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is a format that adapts perfectly to the web because it will transform vector information into XML code to make it easier to view on a web page.

    AI: The .ai format corresponds to the file generated by the famous vector design software, Adobe Illustrator. It is from this file that I will work on the originals of your logo in vector format.

    PDF (Portable Document Format) It is the vector format (in case it is created from a software using vector) or file viewing matrix. It is essential today and is very often used for printing thanks to its relatively reduced image compression, allowing to keep all the quality of a visual.

    EPS: The .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) format is the predecessor of PDF. It is less often used today but like the pdf file, it retains its vector attributes. Note that some printers still request this type of file in rare cases.

    JPEG or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): This is a recording format for a compressed representation of a still image. You should know that the main purpose of this format is to compress an image as much as possible for faster viewing or transfer, even if this means reducing its rendering quality.

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is, just like jpg, an image recording format. It has the distinction of being able to calculate the alpha layers in order to create a transparent image.

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