Creation process

Thanks to my experience, and so that there is no problem, I have implemented a creative process to facilitate our communication.


Submission request

The first step involves a request for submission accessible via this link. Thanks to your information which will allow me to have a global vision of your project, I will be able to present you a quote.



Once the quote has been sent, and if it suits you, a meeting whether it is live, by phone or in conf-call via Google Meet will allow you to get to know each other better and to speak in more detail about your project.


Final quote

After our exchange, and if necessary, an adjusted quote will be sent to you by email. It will also be accompanied by your contract to sign and a first invoice of 30% of the final amount.


Creation of your file

Upon receipt of the signed contract and the first payment, you will have access to a Google Drive folder that we will be the only ones to share. It will become our database for all your texts and all your images.


Your homeworks

To better understand a project, I must have an overview and a near-final version of the information transmitted as well as all of your content (Your texts, images, photos, videos).



My work as a graphic designer is taking place. Whether for trend boards or for a site home page, I will create an overview of your final product. We can discuss it together for possible modifications before final approval.



The most important creative part of our work! After your first approval, I start the declination process and take care of the layout of your content, whether for an identity or for a website.


Final approval

Once the content is ready, we will discuss together the last elements of retouching as well as the integration of your last modifications.



With the project complete, we will decide on a launch date together. This is often the best step for you and for me.


Tool kit

Once the last payment is honored, I will give you the rest of the necessary files and information in your Google Drive folder. Now it’s up to you!

Ready to launch?

To check your mission and take you to the launch pad

Omygraphic represents Bastien Campergue, French graphic designer and web designer based in Quebec since 2014.

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