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Bastien Campergue
Campergue Bastien

6 years of experience

I have been working in Montreal for 6 years after obtaining my diploma in visual communication in 2014 from the Ax Sud Toulouse school in France. I like to consult new graphic and technological innovations to use new tools to embellish my creations. Being a graphic designer today means having as many tools as possible to improve my creativity.

As you will understand, I have a passion for astronomy and what is going on beyond our planet. I like to learn about new theories, great discoveries and especially the graphic representation of this “invisible” space. To illustrate my remarks, I invite you to watch and listen to the Melodysheep video which perfectly represents this passion.

‘‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.’’


Stephen Hawking

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Omygraphic represents Bastien Campergue, French graphic designer and web designer based in Quebec since 2014.

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