Unique and original visuals for all media

My experience in visual communication can meet all your needs. Omygraphic creates a tailor-made offer to provide all the visuals necessary for your daily communication.

Logos design

Any project deserves its brand image through a good logo.

Logo animation

Bring your logo to life to support your image.

Business card

Introduce yourself professionally while standing out.


Stand out by personalizing your administrative documents.

Flyers creation

Communicate with originality with a clear and legible visual.

Advertising poster

Get your message across, anywhere, anytime.

Web banner

Display your brand image on all your social networks.

Slide Powerpoint

Impress your customers with an original and dynamic presentation.


Create a document ready to go to the printer.

Resume creation

Differentiate yourself in the market to arouse the interest of recruiters.

Printing template

Give me your document and let me communicate with your printer.

Photo retouching

Editing isn’t cheating, it’s just improving the truth.

Digital illustration

Impress your audience with digital illustrations.

Icons creation

Support your texts with a small personalized pictogram.


Highlight your product to gain customers.

Video montage

Improve your image with dynamic video capsules.

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Omygraphic represents Bastien Campergue, French graphic designer and web designer based in Quebec since 2014.

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